Sustainability in procurement: how to set up the right goals for the MENA region

| Zoom

Workshop, 16:00-17:30 Gulf Standard Time (GST)

Sustainability is rapidly shifting from a “nice to have” to a core competency influencing branding, competitive position, and supply chain resiliency.This trend is underpinned by an emerging set of regulations defining EHSS, diversity, local content and other requirements. But defining what sustainability means in real terms and translating this into measurable actions and improvements is easier said than done. 

In the workshop we will share the industry best practice / case studies / latest thought leadership and seek productive discussion / inputs on the following:

  • “What is Sustainability?” – the varying definitions of sustainability and how these align to the priorities of your business; 
  • “Why is Sustainability important?” – the value sustainability creates to an organisation; 
  • “What is Procurement’s role in increasing Sustainability?” – how does the end-to-end supply chain impact sustainability, what can Procurement do to increase the sustainability of the supply chain, and how shall we structure our “sustainability journey”.