Corporate Social Responsibility at Efficio

Efficio’s work is to identify, deliver and sustain opportunities in procurement for our clients. We understand that our work in service of our clients will also have an impact on the wider world and we take that responsibility seriously. We approach this by ensuring that what we do is sustainable across our direct environmental impact, our communities, our clients and our people. As with any endeavour, we recognise that we are on a journey in this commitment, expanding our awareness and delivering improvements in an iterative way. Our commitment is to be a socially responsible company. We want to make a difference both for clients and our wider communities. Why? Because it reflects what we are passionate about and ultimately, our activities help to make Efficio somewhere where we are all proud to work.


Efficio understands that a principled and responsible approach to business is essential to the continued growth of the company. We are therefore taking practical action to mitigate our impact on the environment. One step is by engaging with the market to purchase carbon credits to offset our flight emissions. We are also continuing to raise awareness internally on the impact of our business by leveraging company-wide communications.

Our partnership with CO2balance

In 2018, we began partnering with CO2balance to offset our carbon footprint. As part of this initiative, we are investing in three projects: Kenya cookstoves, a Uganda borehole rehabilitation project, and a hygiene and sanitation project at Saaka Primary School in Uganda.